GF Diet Guide: Part 3 - Basic Tips # 3

3. Get ready to replace some small appliances.

I pretty much covered this in tip #2 about replacing cookware, but since I've read so many posts on-line about this, I figure it is worth repeating.

It is unlikely that you will get all the nooks and crannies of small appliances totally clean. I remember how I used to clean out the toaster at my parents' house, and no matter how much I shook that toaster, bread crumbs still remained. GLUTEN! Get yourself a new toaster! They're pretty cheap.

A bread machine should go without saying, but don't get a refurbished (used) one. Save up, buy a new one. Is a few dollars of savings worth getting sick?

The microwave is probably cleanable. If you can't get it 100% clean, buy a new one. They're not that expensive, and it's better than getting sick. The turntable is usually glass, so unless it is all scratched up, you really should be able to get it clean. Make sure there's no food on the walls/ceiling of the appliance. One way to help get things clean is to put a glass measuring cup in the microwave, equal parts vinegar and water (1/2 cup each worked for me), and heat to a rolling boil. The vinegar/water mix will help loosen food, making it easy to wipe down. Don't worry about the vinegar smell, it will fade very quickly.

Toaster oven, like the toaster, is something I would advise replacing.

Big things, like the oven, you can probably clean thoroughly enough, especially if it has self-cleaning modes. Make sure nothing has exploded in the oven and is left hanging on, where it could fall into your food. Scrub down your fridge too, to make sure that there's no crumbs of gluten in there that might contaminate your new gluten-free foods. Dishwasher should be fine to keep using. You can check for left behind food and get everything scrubbed clean to be safe.

I am currently in an apartment, and of course, we had no idea what kinds of foods had been in the apartment prior to us moving into it. We cleaned all the big appliances thoroughly before putting any of our own foods away, and haven't had any problems.

Would love to hear experiences and suggestions from my readers.

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