GF Diet Guide: Part 3 - Basic Tips # 4

4. Clean out your silverware drawer and silverware tray.

Yup, we're still cleaning!

Luckily, your silveware is probably a keeper. If it's horribly scratched, dinged, dented, gouged ... it probably should be replaced even if you weren't going gluten free! But otherwise, just wash it well.

The silveware drawer is notorious for having bread crumbs and all sorts of other bits of food dropped into it.

Here is what I advise:

Take everything out and wash it really well. If your silverware tray is scratched up, buy a new one. They're cheap. If not, wash it out really well and let it dry.

Now wash down the drawer. Be careful since it's probably wood (or pretending to be wood). You don't want to soak it, but get it clean. Soap and water, not chemicals, and dry it thoroughly. Use a hair dryer (on low) if need be.

Now get drawer liners (grocery stores tend to sell them). Measure out how much you need, cut it off, and peel the backing off. Lay it down VERY carefully!

Now you have a nice clean drawer with a new liner which is much easier to wipe clean.

Put all your silverware back.

If your household is not 100% gluten free, have a talk with your fellow housemates on keeping gluten out of the drawer!

You may want to clean and line your other cupboards this way too. I only did the silverware drawer this time, but I have done others in the past (more for ease-of-cleaning than gluten free reasons).

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