Gluten Free Cuisine: Chinese & Thai

Teresa and I have been exploring different cultures as we learn more about preparing gluten free meals from scratch. It's often easier for us to avoid gluten by avoiding "American" cuisine altogether.

We've had great success with Indian, and are now working on Asian cuisines. We have some great Thai cookbooks, but no Chinese ones (yet!).

Egg Drop Soup

So far, T has prepared Egg Drop Soup and Thai Fried Rice (it has a kick to it, unlike the fried rice I used to order from any of the Chinese restaurants when I was growing up), both of which are delicious.

Thai Fried Rice
I would love to hear from my readers. What are your favorite Thai and Chinese dishes to prepare at home? How much do you do from scratch? If you use prepackaged ingredients (ex: noodles), what brand do you use? Where do you get them from?

Have you had any definite gluten-reactions from products that say they are safe? If so, which ones?

Do you have any recipe websites and/or books you would recommend?

If you use tofu in your cooking, what kind do you get? How do you prepare it? (I've tried to cook tofu before, with limited success. However, I've had amazing tofu from a Thai restaurant that I used to frequent, so I know it can be done!)

Has anyone mastered a gluten free version of those thin little pancakes that are served with dishes such as Mu-shu pork?

Please do not recommend Chinese restaurants, I am looking for ideas to prepare at home.

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