Thai, Indian, Mexican. . . ethnic cuisine!

I'm curious to know how many of my readers, followers, etc., enjoy cooking cuisines specific to certain cultures (either your own or another)?

My heritage is Irish/German and English. I'm still working out how to prepare a number of dishes from those countries safely. Two of my favorites though are not part of my heritage: Thai and Indian. Teresa has made several delightful Indian dishes, and the other night, prepared a Thai dish for the first time, which was absolutely amazing!

Only two items we had to ensure were gluten free: The soy sauce (used San-J's low sodium Tamari sauce) and the Red Curry Paste (Thai Kitchen's is gluten free). Originally, the dish was "Gingered Chicken Kabobs" but we didn't bother with the "kabob" part, so it ended up Gingered Chicken with Veggies, served over Basmati Rice. See the photo below! (The red spots on the chicken are red chili pepper.)

I love Mexican. A friend and I used to go out to the El Rodeo in my hometown all the time. Unfortunately, they (or at least that location) was not gluten-free friendly/aware at all, so I had to stop going. Outside of tacos, we haven't done any Mexican dishes, but I hope to change that in the future.

What dishes do you really love to prepare? Did you have to modify it to be gluten free? If so, how? Is it a cuisine that is from your heritage, or another one whose food you've fallen in love with? Let me know!

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