WIN a coupon!! (FOOD!)

I recently received a coupon for "The Original Brat Hans" Original Bratwurst. They look delicious, but they are exclusively sold at Whole Foods, and the closest store to us is about 100 miles (one way!), so we won't be heading down to it any time soon!

The coupon says:

No antibiotics, No added hormones, no preservatives...EVER! Always vegetarian fed. No nitrates, Nitrites, MSG, or fillers.

From further research, I've determined that they've said MOST of their products are gluten free. You'd have to check out the individual packages to be sure you were getting a gluten free product (looks like they have several flavors, so there may be some things they sell which are not GF).

The coupon is good for a free trial on any one package of The Original Brat Hans Sausages, up to a $7.50 value. The coupon comes with a recipe for sausage kebab using the bratwurst.

IMPORTANT: Coupon expires on 3/31/2011!

This is how it works:

Leave a comment on this post with an idea, recipe, product, company, restaurant, etcetera, which you would like me to research and write up on my blog.

The reader who leaves the best do-able idea will win the coupon. Make sure you are signed-in to blogger/google, or connected in some manner, or leave an e-mail address at the very least, for me to contact you if I should choose your idea. I will drop the coupon in the mail immediately after confirming the address of the winner, but cannot be held accountable for any delays in mail delivery, or if you leave off part of your address (yes, I've run into that before).

The recipient of the coupon will need to use the coupon before it expires, try out the product, and e-mail me (not comment) your opinion of the product, preferably more than just a few sentences. I will share your review on this blog, attributed to you, of course!

I will accept comments until March 18, 2011, to ensure enough time to contact the winner and get the coupon mailed to you. 

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