Starting a Gluten Free Diet: Part 1

If you go back to October 2009, you'll find my posts about why I started this blog, and what Celiac Disease is and how it's different from your everyday food allergy. (Mind you, you can be allergic to wheat and *not* be Celiac or, you can be allergic to wheat and be Celiac on top of that allergy.)

I've talked to a few people in the area - most recently a very nice lady who had recently moved to the area, and was looking for gluten free information. She knew one family member was definitely Celiac, but suspected the same for other family members. It can be really hard starting out on the GF diet, knowing you have to give up a lot -- particularly difficult for people who are diagnosed later in life and will be aware of the long-loved foods that they will have to give up. Plus, gluten hides in a variety of places - many times in foods you would never suspect, making elimination MUCH harder.

I told her that I would put up a new entry on how to start a gluten free diet, to help her -- and anyone else who is reading! I also hope for my entry(ies) on starting a diet to be helpful to people who may have been on the diet for awhile, but are having trouble knowing what is and isn't safe.

To keep the entries from being excessively long and overwhelming, I am going to break this up into parts. You will find the Table of Contents for this guide in the left-hand column of my blog layout.

For my readers: Is there something you're wondering about as you start your diet? Did you already start but you're not sure you're on the right parth? Leave me comment(s) with your questions, and I'll see if I can work the answers to your questions in on one (or more) of my entries.

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