Gluten Free: Hair Care

As I have learned recently, some of us on the gluten-free diet must also abstain from touching gluten! Whole new ballgame now.

So over the last week, I set off to learn what I could about gluten in personal care products, and find out which were safe for me to use.

I had already determined that my shampoo made my hands burn, and they'd hurt more afterwards, but I had always thought - well, it's just because they are broken out/apart, and left it at that. Now I realize it was a gluten reaction - without even having to digest it (trace amounts swallowed when soapy water runs down your face not withstanding).

If you've ever read a shampoo bottle, you know how difficult it is to determine what exactly is in there to begin with; many names are listed by their chemical make-up, which tells the average consumer absolutely nothing.

Yesterday, we took a trip to Earth Fare, in Johnson City, TN, for a gluten free shopping trip. We only had food items on the list, but since it is a grocery store, I decided to check out their personal care items.

We came home with shampoo and conditioner from Desert Organics* which are labeled 100% wheat and gluten free! (Also free of many other things as well.) I got Lemon Tea Tree - which actually turned out to smell a bit like Pledge! I am pleased to report, however, that after the shower, as my hair dries, it has merely retained a "nice fruity smell".

Neither the shampoo nor conditioner made my hands hurt at all during use. Usually, the shampoo/conditioner makes my hands burn badly within seconds. As I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair, I loved the silky, smooth feeling my hair had -- and is retaining even as it (air) dries!

I opted not to put anything on my hands or take any medications that I usually do post-shower. I haven't needed them. It's an AMAZING difference!

* Please not that one of their shampoos we looked at (Coconut, I believe) was NOT Gluten Free - I believe it had wheat in it. I don't think the Coconut Lotion did though, so be sure you read your labels carefully!

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